Privacy Policy for the Service Alex

Applicable from Aug 26, 2020

1. Introduction

1.1 Definitions

These concepts, with capital letters, are used consistently in the policy and are defined as follows:

1.2 Purpose and General

Alex Therapeutics AB's ("We") personal data processing follows the data protection("GDPR"), and this policy explains how We collect, use, protect and share the personal data We process about our users.

We take all appropriate technical and organizational security measures required to protect your personal information from improper access, change or destruction. If you can’t find the answer to any question, please contact us at:

This privacy policy regulates:

The service is an application on mobile phones that should serve as a tool for the User to quit smoking.

If you as a User do not agree to this policy, you will not be able to access the service. Please contact Alex Therapeutics AB to discuss alternative terms, via

1.3 Changes to the policy

Alex Therapeutics AB continuously updates this policy to reflect:

We from Alex Therapeutics AB will notify you through the Service when the policy is updated. With this, we will request a renewed consent to continue processing your personal data in accordance with the updated policy.

2. Data processing and integrity

2.1 Personal data

Alex Therapeutics AB processes the personal data that you, as a User, enter into the Service. The categories of personal data processed are:

The above mentioned data is processed for the following purposes:

All of the above processing of data rely on the user's explicit consent.

For the above purposes, Alex Therapeutics AB may hire personal data assistants to produce statistical data and market insights. If this involves a transfer to a third country or an international organization, Alex Therapeutics AB will always ensure that there is a commission decision on the adequate level of protection or alternatively that the assistant through agreements or otherwise can guarantee appropriate protective measures.

You always have the right to:

2.2 Collection of information

Alex Therapeutics AB collects anonymized information in the Service via automated data collection tools. Alex Therapeutics AB collects and uses such information in order to secure, maintain and improve the Service and to create reports based on statistics of anonymized user data. The information can also form the basis for market and customer analyzes, market surveys, research, business follow-up and business and method development, which takes place in the light of Alex Therapeutics AB's interest in monitoring and analyzing the use of the Service.

2.3 Storage of user data

If the User chooses to stop using the Service, the User's data is stored for sixty (60) days, after which Alex Therapeutics AB is entitled to delete the User's remaining material from Alex Therapeutics AB's servers. At the request of the User, all data shall be deleted immediately after the termination of the agreement.

The user's data will not be deleted if, due to current legislation or other authority decisions, there would be obstacles to Alex Therapeutics AB doing so.

2.4 Data security

For access to the Service, login with user name and activation code or password is required. It is the user's responsibility to ensure that login information to the Service is kept safe.

The login process is completely encrypted, which means that no information is sent in non-encrypted form.

3. Change log

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